Characteristic of Normal Penis Erection


Impotence is a rousal dream for all men in the world. Know it and doing some important preventing before you get it. Impotence can be detected from its symptoms.

One way to detect the symptoms of impotence is by measuring the erection level. You are a health and normal man if you have normal penis erection. Normal Penis Erection is a circumstance where penis becomes big and hard.

Indications for normal erection, which is big and hard, are as mention below:

  • It is hard when you touch or squeeze the penis
  • The penis become stiff so it cannot be bent
  • When you shake the penis, it will tremble then back to its first position

Those indications occur to all male start from the day they were born till the day they died. However, as babies or children, erection happens automatically with no purpose and notice from themselves.

After passing puberty, normally, erection happens because there are sexual stimulations from the inside or outside. Inside stimulation comes from sex thoughts or fantasies while outside stimulation comes from sexual intention that is received by human five senses and arousing sexual desire.

Many factors can cause erection. Normally, penis will become big and hard on certain situations, for example :

  • Penis erection in the morning or at night,
  • Penis erection when there are physical and psychosexual stimulations
  • Penis erection when onanism or masturbation,
  • Penis erection when there are sexual activities between couples during the date,
  • or penis erection during reading books or watching movies.

Those situations also occur for all men, start from babies till adults. Erection becomes important on teenagers and adult phases. By having normal erection, men will be more confident knowing that their sex organ’s functions are running well.

Couples can enjoy coitus and women will be proud to the men. And as a couple, try to always happy and full of passion.

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