Erectile Dysfunction is Normal


Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be temporarily or permanent for a lifetime if no medical treatment is taken. Temporarily impotence happens for simple reason like too tired, less sleep, stress, etc. After sleeping or resting, using traditional recipes or leaving the stress causes, erection will back to normal again.

Acute diseases like influenza, diarrhea and fever can also causes Impotence (erectile dysfunction). But there is nothing to be worried about it because wife/ life partner will understand and make no demand. After recover, erection will back to normal again.

There are times when men unable to discover the cause of Impotence, like during coitus, erection become weak on penetration phase or suddenly become weak after penetration. Sometimes even sexual contact or intimacy unable to arouse erection, so when the life partner touch the penis, it is soft and stay soft after so many times of efforts.

Most men will having fear after several failures. “What’s wrong?”, “Will my erection back to normal?”, “How’s my wife?”, “Will she run into another man?”, and many other worries arise. It can take men into weaker erection, depressed and fights with their wife/life partner.

The wife/life partner themselves will get disappointed. Some become angry, some put suspicious on their men for having another woman. They didn’t understand the problem. According to their thoughts their men are healthy and normal. So the sudden changes have raised their suspicious on their men of having affairs. Then they start accusing their men for not loving them anymore.

There is a man that let or even support his wife/life partner to do coitus with another man after his having erectile dysfunction for long period of time. He admitted his fault and weaknesses and he doesn’t want her to suffer. This indicates that impotence can causes broken marriage.

However, some women force their men to get medical treatment. They even ask for a divorce as a threat. In some point of view their way are positive because when medical treatment sooner to receive, much chances to have normal erection back and happy marriage life.

For men who are ashamed to get medical treatment, they let their sexual illness. According to them, it is not appropriate to open their sex dysfunction and sex life to others person including doctors. On this case, divorce can really happen or the wife/life partner will have another affair. Still, at the end it breaks marriage life into pieces.

Medical Treatment

Broken marriage or divorce doesn’t have to occur. Men don’t have to be ashamed of their failures. Most men had experienced weak erection. There is no way that a man will have always normal erection.

All men should understand that penis is boneless. It consists of soft tissues and hollow. Only when it fill with blood, it will become big and hard. That is why they shouldn’t feel ashamed and get medical treatment as soon as possible once they know that they have erectile dysfunction.

Postponing medical treatment/ consultation can lead to serious erectile dysfunction. In the last 10 years, knowledge of physiology erection, the cause and the cure of erectile dysfunction is well known. The process of all erectile dysfunctions is also well known.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence medical treatment and therapist really helps the cure of impotence process. When impotence happens for one to three months without any serious cause or other serious illness, it will heal within a month. So it’s really important to get the treatment as soon as possible. Illness will gone, family and personal life will back to normal again.

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