How to Get Normal Penis Erection


It is our main body organs that work in building erection. Dysfunction of these organs leads to impotence. It requires some supporting factors to reach normal erection. Without these supporting factors, hard erection will never be occurred.

Here are the erections supporting factors:

  1. Psychogenic
  2. Physic health
  3. Situation

Those three factors determine the ability to reach normal erection. It doesn’t matter how many sexual stimulation a man can get, if something wrong with his psychic and physic condition, erection will hard to reach.

Many people are getting confuse when they are facing erectile failure even though they receive many sexual contact and have great passionate towards their partner. The reason is because those factors above unsupportive erection process.

Psychogenic factors to reach normal erection have more roles in young men’s life. Even though they are tired, as long as they have great sexual passion, normal erection can be reached. Tired is not a problem for they are having strong and healthy body. But once they are in labile conditions like having fear of catching disease, partner’s pregnancy, and sins, erection process will become hard.

On the other way, for elder men, the importance of psychic and physic are equal. They have to get peaceful soul and fresh and normal physic conditions. When their physics are tired, erection will fail. Sometimes they didn’t notice that their body was tired. They went home from work, in healthy conditions then tried to make coitus but got surprise for having weak erection. They started to worry and confuse, and without any notice, those kinds of feelings lead them to erectile dysfunction.

Those two main factors, which are psychic and physic, are having more influence in determining erection ability. The influence of situational factors is least. It is hard to determine which factors have been more dominant when these three factors go totally mixed up. During medical treatment, these three factors have to be carefully examined.

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