How to Handling Impotence Because of Psychological Factors


As we know there are two main causes of impotence, phisic and psychological factors. If you have a disease like diabetes mellitus you must heal the disease first before your sexual life back to normal.

Dr. Crenshaw said that to some men, even though they have eaten right, done some sports and not smoking, they are still experience in impotence. On this case, the main problem could be anger, stress, or other psychological problems. Below are some tips to handling those problems:

Keep an eye on your relationship

Sexual relationship reflects whatever happens outside the bed. Herb Golberg, Ph.D., a clinic psychologist in Los Angeles and an author of The inner male said that when you have unhealthy relationship with your partner, impotence might be the early sign from your body that indicate problem between both of you. You have to try to understand these signs so that you can find the root of the problems and solve it.

Leave your anger outside the door

Anger interfere your sexual desires. It is said by Domeena Renshaw, M.D., the director of Sexual Dysfunction Clinic in Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine in Maywood.

One classic example on this case is a story of a man that had a big fight with his ex-wife about visiting schedule of his three-year-old son. And the fight had stayed in his head until night time.

His wife was wearing seductive clothes and was on the mood to make love. But what inside the man head was how to strangle his ex-wife. And it really effect his sexual ability.

In nowadays situations, of course our thoughts are more complex, our responsibility become bigger, our problems and stress become more various, and our schedule become stricter.

Jack Jaffee, M.D., a director of Potency Recovery Centre in Van Nuys, California has notice it. She mentioned that for those situations you cannot just stay quiet and waiting for miracle. You have to put efforts. One of the ways is by searching professional help to share and discuss what you need.

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