How to Increase Your Sexual Desire


When you get older, you will realize that your erection is different. Your penis is often weak and powerless. So it is not like when you are 18 years old, where your penis needed only short period of time to erect.

Is it a disaster? No, it’s not. You don’t have to worry. Angle, size, time between two erections and how long you can maintain your erection will change along with your age.

“Those changes are normal. It doesn’t mean that you will lose everything”, said Saul Rosenthal, M.D, the director of Sexual Therapy Clinic of San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas and the author of Sex over Forty. “When a 19 year old boy makes love, he will ready to do it again after some minutes. At the age of 30, he will need 20 minutes to get another erection and at the age of 45, he will have to wait an hour for his second erection.”

At first, making love with your wife/ life partner will make you want to make it all over again in every single minute and hour. Then you will start having your first fight that leads you into other fights.

Though later the relationship situations are getting better, it already creates less passionate on your sexual desires. You will start having coitus once after several days, then once after a week, then once after a month until you have no more desire to do it again.

Based on the research, around 48% American above 45-year-old have lost their sexual desires temporarily. According to Helen S. Kaplan, M.D, Ph. D, the Director of Human Sexuality Teaching Program in New York Hospital Cornell Medical Centre, men’s libido is getting less after they reach the age of 45.

According to Dr. Alexander, several physical causes that can accelerate the sexual desires declining process are depression, alcoholic, and chronic illness like liver. However, these physical causes won’t put much effect on sexual desires for men below 55-year-old.

Here are some ideas that can arouse your sexual desires:

Make good communication for everything that gets into your mind, especially about sexual core between you and your wife/life partner. If your wife/life partner would like to have sex four times a week, while you want to have it four times in a month, talk about it so both of you can compromise the way out.

Your relationship will get worse without communication. Dr. Seiler said that couple should always share their mind and feeling. If they are unable to be emotionally connected, they will have less change to have connection in any other things.

Dr. Seiler also said that learn to have sex and imagine it will increase your sexual desires. It only takes five minutes of your time in a day to fantasy a sexual image that can arouse your desires.

You can imagine your own partner, a movie star, or even your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. So when you are in a sexual core, by having an image that can seductive you most, it can bring your sexual desires into the top.

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