Impotence Preventing Tips for Diabetes Mellitus Patients


Many people believe that Diabetes Mellitus patients will be impotence or having erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus causes impotence. The statement can be true if patients have no efforts at all to cure their illness.

But in fact, Diabetes Mellitus patients can still have a good quality of life as long as they have got discipline in their treatment, change their life style and control their blood sugar every day. 1-2 years diabetes patients perhaps will not sense a thing but 5 years diabetes patients who never control their blood sugar will get complication on their illness including impotence.

Chronic and yearly diabetes illness has several signs such as very often pee, always hungry and thirsty, easy to get exhausted, hard to heal the wounds, and high sugar level in blood and urine.

Diabetes patients can also get illness complication like heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and impotence. However, the impotency of diabetes mellitus patients can be cured 100%.

They just have to know where the source of the problem is. Is it in the vein or at the low hormone level. It is going to be easier to cure when the cause had known. Even though impotence can be cured, many doctors still suggest their patients to do preventive actions by controlling their blood sugar.

Having discipline in controlling blood sugar will save diabetes patients from impotence. What kind of actions can be done then? Beside consume medicine and have insulin injection regularly, healthy way of living has also an important role. For example, patients can do diet when they have obesity problem, play sports three times a week, eat enough and balance food, have enough rest, and settle every problem that cause stress and depression.

Depress and stresses are two of the main reasons of impotence. Depression can cause impotence not only to diabetes patients but also to healthy people. However, diabetes patients have vein problem that make them hard to experience erection and have a bigger chance to be impotent than healthy people.

A recent research that is being published in Journal of Urology had said that depression become one impotence factor for diabetes patients. Ways to avoid it is by settle every problem and always think positive.

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