Mechanism of Penis Erection


Even though penis erection happens really fast, the process itself is a complicated body’s mechanism and a coordination of many systems inside the body. Start from brain, nerve system, vein, till hormones are involved in this specific body function. Erection of penis is a simple but complicated process.

During rest (no sexual activity), artery in Corpora Cavernous area and plain muscle around sinusoid will shrink by contraction so only little blood enter penis. Sinusoid hollows in Corpora Cavernous fill with little blood so penis becomes soft.

Sexual stimulation that is received by body through five senses will respond and send messages to nerve system and then to hypothalamus, then go down through medulla spinals.

After passing through nucleus or main nerves in S2-4 (vertebra sacralis), it will enter erectile tissue in Corpora Cavernous. Here inside, variety if neurotransmitter is produced.

One that has role to erection is NO (Nitrogen Oxide). It is produced by Oxygen and L-Arginin with nitric oxide control. After well form, NO is being released from neuron and sinusoid endogen in Corpora Cavernous.

NO passing through main muscles and activated enzyme by the name guanilyl cyclase. It will change guanosin triphosphat (GTP) into cyclic guanosin Monophosphat (cGMP). With several chemical process, cGMP will relax plain muscles in Corpora Cavernous and make the arteries become wide and big.

Penis Erection Downgrading (Detumescensi)

To downgrading penis erection, less cGMP is needed so that plain muscles will not continuously relax. Plain muscles have their own mechanism by having five that can change cGMP into five guanosine wonophosphat (SGMP), that make amount of cGMP become less.

When cGMP become less, plain muscles relaxation will gone and shrinking so that penis become small or back to resting phase. When receiving another sexual stimulation, NO will be form again and all the circle process will run all over again. So as long as sexual stimulation is not happen, penis will remain resting and soft.

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