Medium Impotence Phase


Medium impotence phase is one dysfunction circumstance between minor and serious impotence phase. It has many varieties. One example is minor impotence patient who has unhealthy environment surround him such as a heavy smoker, an alcoholic person or a workaholic person.

Wife’s or life partner’s behaviors can also depress the men. There is a story of a man who came home late. The woman put suspicious on him and got angry at him. The man became peevish, so even though he intended to have coitus with the woman, with all the feelings inside him, he couldn’t reach erection.
The passion was going down and sex intention also gone. Then she became angrier because she wanted to have coitus but the man unable to erect. And her anger leads the dysfunction even worse.

This kind of situation often occurs in unharmonious relationships. And as a result erection will always fail for a long period of time till the men has impotence at the end.

Different couple’s sleeping time can also cause medium impotence. Here is a story of a woman who always sleeps at nine in the evening, while the man sleeps late because he watched television, read newspaper, played computer or watched soccer game.

He entered the bedroom around midnight having her already fall asleep and hard to be awakened. He became peevish. So when the woman awoke and ready for coitus, he was unable to erect.

Or, on the other side, the woman often waits the man to enter the bedroom but he kept busy with television’s or computer’s activities. She already gave a sign to him to enter the bedroom, but the man didn’t pay attention. She was angry and kept her anger inside of her heart. So by the time when the man wanted coitus, she refuses it as a form of revenge. Those kinds of situations can also happen in the other way around.

In young age, it won’t become a cause for having impotence. However, for elder people at the age 50 or above, it can really cause impotence.

Basically, all impotence start from minor dysfunction and change into serious because of many reasons and circumstances. But mostly, it because most of men ashamed to get medical treatment and let their erectile dysfunction for a long period of time. Patients should understand that intense communication between couples can prevent impotence.

The level of erectile dysfunction can be determined by filling questionnaire in IIEF and calculate the score.

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