Don’t be Shy to Meet Sexual Therapist


For most of impotence patients, meeting with sexual therapist specialist will be like meeting their parents in law for the first time.

According to Roger Crenshaw, M.D. , a sexual therapist and psychiatric, which has a private clinic in La Jolla, California, many patients had waited for three to four months before they finally had a courage to come and meet him.

He mentioned that sexual therapy is not something that is painful, continuously or even something to be ashamed of.

Joseph Waxberg, M.D., a psychiatric and director of Stamford Centre of Human Sexuality in Stamford, Connecticut, added that most of sexual therapy session don’t need long period of time. As long as they are following what it is being advised, around 90 percent of patients are able to handle their sexual dysfunctions.

Marty Klein, Ph. D., a marriage counselor, a licensed sexual therapist specialist in Palo Alto, California and an author of Ask Me Anything: A sex Therapist Answers the most Important Questions for the 90s, had also mentioned that therapy session should comfort the patients. However, they will share their private matter especially related to their sexual life.

So when there is a therapist said to his patient that there is nothing patient can do, run from that therapist and find another one. That is what Dr. Crenshaw had suggested.

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