Minor Impotence Phase


There are some phase of impotence; minor phase, medium impotence phase and seriously impotence. Minor impotence phase is one circumstance where impotence only happens once in a while. It can cause failure in reaching ejaculation during coitus. Most of minor impotence patients didn’t meet doctors because they still able to make coitus.

Once the dysfunction occurs, it will make women unsatisfied. It will make patients worry so that it can lead the dysfunction into worse situation.

Here are some examples of minor impotence:

  • Erection can be reached till penetration, but not until ejaculation. Usually, erection suddenly become weak and penis become soft again inside the vagina. Some men take the penis out from the vagina and let the women seduce them again to arouse erection, with hope that they can make coitus again till ejaculation. Sometimes it can give another failure, which force the couple to do it all over again, but it can also succeed on the second time.
  • Penis hard to erect during sexual contact. This brings men unable to do penetration.
  • No erection during intimacy, but have normal erection during masturbation. Even though couples don’t have any intention to do coitus, but erection failure during intimacy brings disappointment and fear for the couples.
  • Fail erection with life partner or wife Erection can reach ejaculation with another woman not with the wife or life partner. Some scientists said it is not part of impotence while some agree that it is one form of impotence. The key here is the life partner. When someone fails to erect with his life partner during coitus, it means he has erectile dysfunction.

When someone notices that he has minor impotence soon as possible he should take medical treatment. Postponing medical treatment can bring the dysfunction into serious stage. Sometimes, sexual therapists can even cure the patients by having only interview with the couple.

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