Morning Erection


Men usually awake with erection in the morning time. It is known as nocturnal erection or morning erection.

Morning erection happens since baby. According to several researchers, even when the babies are still inside their mother’s belly, they experience erection. Generally, it happens when they are awake or when they want to pee. There hasn’t been deep research about morning erection mechanism up to now, morning erection is healthy signs in men.

Some scientists believe that there are urine pressures to vena that make blood unable to return to the body. Others believe that there is an increasing of testosterones hormone. And this increasing cause erection.

Sexual dreams can also cause morning erection. According to the theory, testosterones concentrate will go higher in the morning time and create sexual dreams and morning erection. After releasing urine, erection will go down slowly by itself.

Morning erection more often happen to young men. Some admit that they have erection every morning; some admit to have it once within two days. There are also varieties in the quality. Some erection only make penis become bigger while some can make it stiff, so morning erection is the sign that penis is still okay.

There many behaviors to respond morning erection. Some men will go directly to the bathroom and pee, some will play with it first to enjoy the sexual pleasure until the erection become harder, few do masturbation till ejaculation, and others just leave it till its weak by itself.

To most commitment or married men, they will keep the erection and move forward to the next step by making sexual contact with their wife/life partners. And when it is well received by them, it move again to coitus. However, not all women like coitus in the morning time cause her focus is already attracted to some other things especially preparation for morning activities.

Men with impotence will rarely have morning erection. When it’s getting serious, they even can get no more morning erection.

It start by having rarely morning erection, and then erection during coitus also become weak and without any notice, ejaculation can never be reached.

And when those situation happens, many question start to fill men’s head such as, “What happen with my sex?”, “Can it be cure?”, “How does my life partner feel?”. And many more questions that creates worries and fear that lead into serious impotence.

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