Penis Anatomy and Erection Physiology


Penis is the main sex organ for men. Penis can be found in between men hips. Penis anatomy starts from arcus pubis is quite long with an elliptical shape. From its start point until its end point is look like mushroom, where the penis head is also like the mushroom head. Only its end point becomes sharp.

Some people think that penis shape is like snake or eel so penis head tends to be like snake head or eel head. When penis is relaxing, it is small and weak and hangs helplessly.

When penis got stimulation, penis will become hard and strong, which is called erection. Normal erection will cause penis stand straight forward or upward and the surface will be like unbendable stick.

The anatomy of Indonesian penis length when it is relax is around 9-12 cm. Some have even shorter length while some have longer length. When erection occurs penis will be longer and bigger around 10 -14 cm. For Western men or Middle East men, the length can even be longer and bigger, which is around 12,2 up to 15,4 cm.

Main part of penis is erectile part, which is the part that can be smaller and softer or bigger and stronger. When you see penis horizontally, it consist of three hollow, which are two corpus cavernous on its left and right side and corpus spongiest in the middle. Both corpuses cavernous are covered by tissue string which is called tunica albuginea. The first layer of this tissue is a solid collagen tissue and the second layer is fascia buck, which is not really solid.

Corpus cavernous consists of bubbles that are called sinusoid, it is a part of penis anatomy. Its endothelium has a role to respond chemical that can create erection. It has blood supply from arterial helicina. All sinusoid are covered by plain muscle that is called trabecula. Sinusoid then makes connection with venal. They gather blood become one plexus vein and run it through dorsal profundus vein back into the heart.

There are two nerves system in penis. The first one is autonomic nerve (parasympathetic and sympathetic) and the second one is somatic nerve (motorist and sensory). Autonomic nerve comes from hypothalamus and run into penis through medulla spinalis.

Medulla spinalis will release parasympathetic nerve in vertebral column at S2-4. And vertebral column itself will release sympathetic nerve through segment Th 11 until. L2. At the end parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve unity together become cavernous nerve. This nerve will enter penis at its lower end and supply nerve of penis plain muscles.

Somatic nerve, especially sensory nerve, brings impulse from penis. For example penis head and body got stimulate by the touch of a hand. It will form penis dorsal nerve that unity with other nerves and form pudendal nerve.

This nerve will run into medulla spinalis through vertebral column S2-4. Stimulation, either it’s from penis or from the brain, individually or together will go though those nerves above and create erection.

Penis bleeding comes from internal pudendal artery. It changes into penis comunis artery, which has 3 branch. The first two are branches for left and right corpus cavernous which will be cavernous artery or penis profundus artery. And the third branch is bulbourethralis artery for corpus spongiosum.

Artery will enter corpus cavernous and branches into helicina arteries. It has a curve form when penis relaxes and soft. During erection, these helicina arteries become more relax and wider so that blood circulation become bigger and fast and gather in lacunars hollow or sinusoid.

When bigger sinusoid full of blood, it will depress other veins surround it. Blood will then slowly come out from sinusoid through one plexus under tunica albugenia. All veins under tunica albugenia will then gather and form dorsal profunda nerve which carry out blood from corpora cavernous into bigger vein system and lead it back to the heart. All it is penis anatomy in men.

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