Penis Erection During The Date and Watching Porn Film


Many men started to have relationship with their opposite sex at the age of 17 or 18. They often say that they are on a date. Sometimes they are having a date in a public places or in quiet places like in a theater or even at home.

Usually men and women on a date will hold hand together. When their hand unity and they squeeze each other hand, men penis will react and begin to erect. After couple of minutes, erection will go down a bit. But when sexual desires are arousing again or when they keep on holding hand, penis will erect again and slowly become stronger.

That will happen continuously. Even when the date is for more than couple of hours, erection might happen all the time during the date. It will be weak when the date is over, or when ejaculation takes place, or when some disturbance comes in between. For example there is another person passing through or coming, the light suddenly brighter, or a sudden bad feeling.

Erection during the date is important. At that time, a man will feel very passionately and erection is expected to occur. Nowadays erection during the date can be used to measure whether the men is having normal erection or not. Many young couple touches each other sex organ during the date. For sure when the women touch men penis, the penis should erect. That is the normal reaction.

However, some men have a feeling of scared and worried, so even though their penis is being touched, it remains weak and soft.

Both of the couple didn’t realize the psychological factor like scared and worried, all they know and see is that the penis didn’t erect. The woman of course become disappointed and the man become more scared and ashamed. And what happen next is that those fear will always come into their mind and it can ruin their relationship unless they start to communicate it so it won’t lead into more serious sexual problems.

Penis Erection During Watch Porn Film

In this modern era, there are many ways to watch porn films, especially through the development within technology communications like internet. People communicate easily through chatting; see easily sexy pictures or porn film thriller.

When men watch porn film, penis will erect hard. Only for 3-4 minutes there will be blood interchange inside penis. At that time, erection will go down but not become weak.

Erection will be strong again after fresh blood entering penis. During the film, sexual pleasure will increase continuously. Sometimes when hands touch and play the penis, sperm will come outside automatically.

Some men watch porn films in purpose of getting sexual stimulation and desires to do masturbation until ejaculation. And for some men who has doubt whether he has strong erection or not, they test themselves by watching those porn films. If their penis erect hard and strongly, they will feel relieve knowing that their sex organ are healthy. But if not, they will think that they are having impotence.

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