Psychological Factors to Reach Normal Erection


As a youth, men are very sensitive to external sexual stimulation. By seeing a sexy girl, it can arousing their desires and make their penis erect.

As long as the stimulation is inside them, erection will stay for a time being. Sometimes we can see the change on their pants, especially on the penis area that shoes like a lump. Since people will able to see it from outside, they will have to put off the sexual stimulation by having another attractions or tweaking their hip.

For some men, this kind of erection is very passionate and enjoyable, while some others think that it is against the norm or a sin so they should hold their desire and move away from the sexual stimulation.

In fact, it is normal for young men to respond the stimulations by having desires and erection. When desires and erection are not there anymore, men will have fear that they get serious erectile dysfunction.

Some experts advise to let penis erect on that circumstance. Even though some men think that is inappropriate manner, as long as it is not disturbing others, they should just let it to happen. It will maintain their sensitivity towards their external sexual stimulation.

Sexual stimulation comes from instinct and thought. It is a sudden intention or sudden desires to do sexual activities. It can come from fantasy in mind or through human five senses which are eyes, nose, ears, and skin that send to the brain.

When sexual stimulations are the same as brain and feeling intention, the impulse will send to hypothalamus. Hypothalamus will then send impulse to sex organ through parasimpatic nerve.

It requires the support of psychological factors inside the brain. It requires thought and feeling to wanting the sexual stimulation. When sexual stimulation is unlikable or prohibited by thought and feeling, brain won’t send impulse o hypothalamus and so on and erection won’t happen.

If there are also disturbance in brain function like worries, anger, disappointment and especially depression it will intrude impulse process until reaching erection. So only when sexual stimulation is permitted by thought and feeling, impulse process till erection will be normal.

Sometimes, this psychological factors can be mix up. For example there was a man who wanted to have coitus with another woman, which was his affair. Generally, his coitus intention was high but he had guilty feeling for his wife and worried about it.

Even though his intention was strong but he had worried inside himself that interfere him. At first he could get a strong erection but then in a sudden it could go down and became weak again.

Or in another case, there’s a man who had coitus with his wife. They started smoothly. Erection occurred until penetration. But then suddenly he remembered his wife affair with another man. Automatically, impulse process stopped in a sudden and so did the erection.

There are many psychological factors in human nerves system that needs to have further examination.

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