Serious Impotence Phase


Beside minor impotence phase, there are also medium and serious impotence phase. Those types of impotence phase depend on doctor’s or therapist’s examination toward its patients.

Many patients think that they are having serious impotence phase, but according to pathology, their impotence is still in minor category. One example is the case of newly wedding couple. They cannot make coitus for three months because of the abnormal erection level.

As the newly wedding couple, for sure the husband would like to have coitus on the first night with the perfect erection that can goes through deep inside vagina. When the erection is not hard, it can create failure for several times, and of course it disappointed the husband himself and also the wife.

That is why most of the times, the husband assume that he has serious impotence. But the fact is when the dysfunction start to happen in the beginning of marriage, the situation is categorized as minor impotence phase.

It can be said as a serious impotence when the erection failure occurs for six months or more on these symptons:

  • Unable to penetrate because of weak erection during sexual contact
    Some people keep forcing to make penetration with hope that erection will occur inside the vagina, but it doesn’t work, they still facing failure.
  • No more normal morning erection
    Normally men awake in the morning because having erection or wanting to pee. At that time, penis should be hard erected.
  • Always having failure coitus
    Some people try to handle it by watching blue film alone and doing masturbation, but it doesn’t work as well. Penis become a bit bigger but never erect.
  • Shrinking or crumpling penis
    Even though penis is touched and rubbed, especially during showering, nothing changes in penis. This circumstance can cause depression for patient.

Some men will let those symptons occur for months and even years. The consequence is that their impotence will be getting worse along the time. It will get more serious when the patient has another illness like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, medulla spinalis disturbance, etc.

Serious impotence can also occurs when there are commitment’s or marriage’s conflicts between couples or husband and wife. For example is when the women are having sexual contact with another man, it makes impotence even harder to cure.

Medical treatment for serious impotence patients, require hands of sexual doctors or therapist. Some medicine such as viagra pill will be recommended also for patients.

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