Sex Tips for Impotence Patients


According to Irwin Goldstein, M.D., urology lecturer in Boston University School of Medicine, there are more than 50 percent American men at the age 40 to 70 year-old are having chronic sexual problem including early ejaculation, impotence and losing their sexual desires (read, how to increase your sexual desire)

And it got more complicated by having other disease such as diabetes or heart disease. Those kinds of diseases required some more medical treatment. However, most doctors advise to follow some basic guidance to have a passionate sexual life as mention bellow:

1. Stop smoking

Dr. Crenshaw said that smoking has a bad effect to your sexual ability. Penis requires smooth blood circulation so it functions well. Smoking constricts penis vena and makes erection unable to stay for a longer period.

When you want to be strong still at the age of 40, stop smoking now.

2. Reducing alcohol

It is true that one glass or two glasses of wine can arouse your desire but when you consume more than that, you will lose your ability to orgasm or even worse, you could lost your ability to do erection. Beth Alexander, M.D., the sexual problem advisor and a committee member in Department of Family Practice in Michigan State University College also mentioned that alcohol can trig hormonal changes which can reduce sexual desires.

3. Perusing medicine

Many medicines have effect to your sexual responds. Dr. Alexander said that high blood pressure medicines, antidepressant like fluorite hydrochloride (Prozac) and lithium, steroid, stomach medicines, and beta-blocker are only some of other hundred medicines that can take away your strengthen. When you suspect medicine that put effect on your sexual life, ask doctor for it whether you can change it or reducing the doses.

4. Slowing down

Don’t be in a rush. If you keep busy roaming around here and there and working overtime with more than 50 hours per week, you will soon have sexual problem. Dr. Alexander said that if you can change things that make you depressed then do it, you will reduce your stress by giving more time to yourself. It will help you fix your sexual performance. Find a way to relax regularly; try to walk in the neighborhood or having fun for a certain time with your dog before you go to bed.

5. Enough sleep

Avoid sex when you are tired. When you force yourself to have sex on that condition you will face disappointment. Shirley Zussman, Ed. D., Marriages and sexual therapist specialist and also as one of the director of Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction in New York City said that sexual ritual cannot be the last place to let go off your energy after having an exhausted day. She advises us to spend special time for sex. Indeed that most of people prefer to have spontaneous sex, but in long term sex can increase something in couple relationship. That is why special time for sex with full of energy and spirit is good for relationship.

6. Relax

No matter how high one experiences in bed, once in a while he will have sexual frustrations. According to Marry Klein, Ph. D, a marriage counselor, a professional sexual therapist specialist in Palo Alto California and an author of Ask Me Anything: a sex therapist answers the most important questions for the 90s, when those things occur, better not to think about it seriously. It will only lead you into a chronic sexual dysfunction.

Read this article for other solution for impotence patient, just like a pimple, everyone, once in a while in his lifetime will experience it. It is the same as sexual life. When you experience it, don’t take it as a big burden. You have to believe that it is normal and it won’t happen again, otherwise, your worries will lead you into deeper sexual problems.

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