Smoking Causes Impotence, Stop Smoking Right Now!


Stop smoking right now! The latest research by Imperial College researchers, London, had shown that smoking is increasing the risk to be impotence. Smoking men have 40% tendency to be impotence compare to those who are not smoking.

The more they consume cigarette, the bigger their chance to have sexual dysfunction or impotence. Even for those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day, they still have 24% risk to be impotence.

These circumstances happen to all men, young and old. This research has also being published in Tobacco Control Journal, based on the survey to 8.000 men in Australia at the age range in between 16 and 59 year old.

For every ten men, there is one who has impotence problem compare to his condition in the previous year. At around 25% of those men are smoker and more than 6% of them have consuming 20 cigarettes per day. 39% of those men who consume a pack of cigarettes per day had experienced sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Jack Mydlo, the head of Urology Temple University School of Medicine and Hospital in Philadelphia, AS, had said that smoking can lead nicotine and others vasoconstrictor to close penis vein.

Based on the data from US National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney disorder, erectile dysfunction or impotent has become a serious problem for every 2 men among 100 in America. And when the men get older, the sexual dysfunction will also increase.

On other research, which has been published by American Journal of Epidemiology, a man who keep on smoking till he reach the age of 40 tends to have erection problem compare to elder men who are not smoking. And the risk of having impotence has increased twice for them.

According to Dr. Larry Lipschultz, the head of men reproduction department in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, AS, smoking, which is narrowing men vein, has become the biggest cause for impotence. Actually, smoking is not the only reason for impotent men.

Lifestyle also has a big effect to men’s sexual health. Obesity, alcohols and drugs consumption can trigger erection problem. Lipschultz had added that beside life style, less life activities can also create sexual dysfunction.

He also said that some others causes are diseases like diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer operation, urine womb, colon, backbone injury, testosterone hormones imbalance, high blood pressures treatment, and antidepressant medicines.

According to Lipschultz, all those condition factors and life styles can lead erectile dysfunction to men in 3 main ways that are slowing down blood circulation, causing nerve damage, and changing hormonal condition.

Until now, smoking has become the symbol of virility for men and the habit of smoking is difficult to stop. But it is true that smoking is the main cause for impotence and an indicator for heart disease.

Many researches had shown that smoking had a strong effect on someone’s length of life. Smoking is increasing the risk of having heart attack, stroke, respiration problem, lungs cancer and many others type of cancers.

So if a man would like to prevent himself from impotence, they better stop the habit of smoking right away. If heart disease, stroke or cancer is unable to be the reason for a man to stop smoking, then try to tell him about risk of being impotent or having erectile dysfunction. Perhaps he will have another consideration.

Stop Smoking Benefit

We all know that leaving smoking habit is good to preserve our health. Not only one who don’t smoke but even a heavy smoker knows about this. However, many people thought that a better health will happen several years after they stop smoking and they are wrong. They didn’t notice that actually the reform of their health will start 20 minutes after they stop their smoking habit.

On the first 20 minutes after someone stop smoking, his heart beat and blood pressure gradually normal. And in half day, carbon monoxide level in his blood, which is poisonous, drastically going down to normal again. And several months after, he will feel a better condition of his lungs function. He can confidently step on staircase without losing breath. His blood circulation also becomes normal again.

9 months later, his coughing becomes less and he can inhale breath air deeper than before. This is because the small hair in bronchial tube has a normal function again, removing ripples inside it. Beside ripples, many bacteria that can cause infection will also moving out from it.

When he celebrates a year of succeed from stop smoking, he will also celebrate his succeed in decreasing half of the risk of getting heart disease and impotence.

Five until ten years later, his risk of getting stroke will become smaller and so does his risk of getting lungs cancer. Beside those benefits above, stop smoking will lead him into a better appearance. As we know, smoking can destruct someone appearance. Early aging, yellow teeth and nails and strong smoker smell on hair and clothes are the results. But when someone stops smoking, his skin slowly change into a better condition. Bad smell typical smoker will vanish. And his breath will also become fresh.

His appetite will also increase because he has a better sense of taste in his tongue. And he will have a better posture because of it.

Stop Smoking Steps

There are 6 steps to follow when someone would like to stop his smoking habit. The first step starts by making habit analyze, especially the smoking habit such as when is the time he often spend for smoking or when the time he wants to smoke automatically.

This analyzing result will help to hold the smoking intention.The second step is making the list of reasons. All reason that can be found for a person to leave smoking forever such as to prevent cancer, heart disesase, to have a better social life, family health, and better food taste.Then real action can be taken on the third step by choosing a day to stop smoking.

On this day, someone should totally stop without passing any stages. Let the closest persons know about your plan so that they can help. The fourth step is to be careful within the program.

The beginning days will be very difficult. Try to put some distraction like consuming candy or gum. And perhaps avoiding some activities that related to cigarette such as go to the bar.

Next step, the fifth step is to enjoying life. The money that is being used to buy cigarettes can be used to buy something else such as books, cassettes; tickets to watch the movies and many others fun activities. The sixth and the last step is consuming low calories product especially for the first month and drink plenty of water.

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