Weak Erection on Husband and Wife Sexual Activities


On their first night on the wedding day, husband and wife will sleep together and expect a night to remember for having coitus for the first time. Penis should erect during intimacy and stay erect through penetration phase and ejaculation, which is around 30-40 minutes.

Normally, after 3 minutes strong erection will be a bit weaker for blood interchange but then in short period of time it will back strong again. After intimacy as a starter, penis will enter vagina. Therefore stiff and strong erection is important to get through the vagina.

At the first period of marriage, usually vagina still narrow and stiff. Therefore strong erection is required so that it can go through inside vagina. After penis goes trough vagina, it will in and out vagina to reach ejaculation. Usually ejaculation will happen 5 minutes afterwards but for some men it can happen 30 minutes or more afterwards.

For those men it really required a strong erection that can stay for a long period of time. When ejaculation happen, sperm will release out from the penis and it is the end of coitus. It takes only short period of time after ejaculation to make penis back to soft and relax again.

So basically, coitus process starts from intimacy phase up to ejaculation phase. That is why maintaining erection to pass all of coitus activities is important. It is also important to have confidence during coitus that erection will remain strong until coitus is over so that both husband and wife will feel satisfied.

Satisfaction and confidence will effect erection on the next sexual activities. When failure happens, husband and wife will be disappoint, and husband especially, he will feel ashamed. So erection is the main key here. Without normal erection, husband unable to do any kinds of sexual activities.

For husband and wife, coitus succeed with normal erection is important. Coitus failure will be their measurement for erectile dysfunction.

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