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Impotence and Diabetes Mellitus Prevalence

Many researches had shown that erectile dysfunction or impotence for diabetes mellitus patients has higher prevalence compare to non-diabetes patients. Sand M had done the research with 1.637 respondents and got the result that for diabetes patients, 39% of them had impotence, while for non-diabetes patients only 14% of them.

So as the conclusion, more diabetes patients will get impotence. Diabetes patients that we are discussing here are those who are in a light stage of illness until the serious one. Follow this link how to prevent impotence for diabetes mellitus patients.

For all serious diabetes patients, for sure they will get impotence. Another research by Braun M had shown a different tendency between young men with old men. At the younger age, impotence for diabetes patients is higher than non-diabetes patients.

And for the elder, the tendency to have impotence for diabetes and non diabetes patients are almost the same.

The reason is that for elder people (60-80 year old) another disease arises such as hypertension, kidney failure and many more. And those other diseases are causing impotence.

His research had shown that more than 50% of non diabetes patients at the age above 70 year-old have erectile dysfunction and only 60% of diabetes patients have it. So it doesn’t have a big difference not like men at younger age.



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